Best of Skagway-Rail Summit, Trail Camp, Salmon Bake

Ascend into the beautiful mountains on the White Pass and Yukon Route railroad in an antique parlor car, where you will be in awe of the incredible scenery and amazed by the stories and history your tour guide will tell you. Then arrive in Fraser British Columbia and embark on a deluxe motorcoach with your guide pointing out such famous sites as the Tormented Valley and Pitchfork Falls. See at the foot of the pass, nestled next to a spectacular waterfall, is Liarsville Gold Rush Trail Camp and Salmon Bake.

Experience a cast of sourdoughs and dance hall girls who will entertain you with a reenactment of the shooting of Soapy Smith, recite a poem by the “Bard of the North”, Robert Service, and teach you the art of finding that precious metal that drove men and women wild with Gold Fever! Be set free in the Liarsville gold fields before enjoying lunch. A freshly grilled Alaskan Salmon is waiting for you along with salad, coleslaw, sourdough rolls, coffee, tea, lemonade, and Ma Pullen’s hot apple pie!

Finally your excursion climaxes at the world-famous Red Onion Saloon. By special invitation only, the Red Onion’s madam will break out the champagne and throw you a private party in the prestigious upstairs brothel. Be entertained with incredible tales of the girls who used to “work” in these historic rooms! You will see the priceless nickel silver dress worn by Matty Silks, the Onion’s first madam, and many other original artifacts left by the soiled doves. Embrace the true spirit of 1898 and sign-on for the experience of a lifetime.

Note: This excursion enters Canada. A passport or birth certificate AND Government issued ID are required for all U.S. and Canadian citizens. All non-U.S./Canadian citizens must carry a valid passport.