The Red Onion opens in mid April (after the last freeze) and closes mid October (before the first freeze). While the season generally starts and ends on the slower side, the Red Onion runs full throttle during the cruise ship season which starts in the first week of May and wraps up in the last week of September. Skagway is a small town nestled in a valley at the northernmost port of the Inside Passage, 90 miles north of Juneau on the Lynn Canal, North America’s deepest fjord. While it hosts a year round community of about 800, Skagway booms in the summer season with seasonal business owners, employees and travelers. It is a small, vibrant, Alaskan town with many outdoor activities and employment opportunities. We are looking for responsible and fun-loving individuals to join us in continuing to make the Red Onion Saloon a world famous destination.

For those wishing to apply for as a server, bartender, host, gift shop clerk, cook or fright person, please contact Tiffany Reynolds at tiffany@redonion1898.com.

For those interested in a tour guide position (A.k.a. “Madam”) contact Liz Lavoie at liz@redonion1898.com.


The Red Onion is a fast paced environment for any server. There is often a line at the door and we are looking for servers who are able to not only maintain their cool, but have fun doing it. Daytime servers wear period costumes which include a corset. The ability to provide excellent customer service and knowledge of all menu and souvenirs items a must. A sense of lighthearted showmanship goes a long way too. The Red Onion will provide the necessary TAMS certification. Experience required.

Contact Tiffany Reynolds at tiffany@redonion1898.com
Start Date – Mid April to early May thru end of September / mid October


The Red Onion clientele switches considerably from day to night, both have the potential for being very dynamic crowds. Bartenders must provide excellent customer service day and night, be knowledgeable about all menu items, leave the bar clean and organized for co-workers, adhere to bar policies, take the required TAMS certification and mix a great cocktail. In lieu of a manager being present, the bartenders act as supervisors and must have an understanding of crowd control and comprehend liability issues. Period dress is required for daytime bartenders. Experience required.

Contact Tiffany Reynolds at tiffany@redonion1898.com
Start Date – Early April to early May thru end of September / mid October


While on the small side, the Red Onion kitchen puts out a lot of food and we are looking for cooks who enjoy the pace. Kitchen staff is expected to prepare all menu items and specials with knowledge of quality, safety, and sanitation. Must keep kitchen stocked and prepared for current and future serving needs and wash dishes as needed. Often at night, the cook assumes the roll of bar-back and helps the bartenders with washing and re-stocking glassware, etc. Kitchen staff must be willing to work with both bartenders and servers to provide food service in an efficient manner. Experience required.

Contact Tiffany Reynolds at tiffany@redonion1898.com
Start Date – Mid April to early May thru end of September / mid October


We are looking for a few good folk to maintain the cleanliness of the establishment, bathrooms, floor, exterior, interior, wash vehicles and other duties as needed. Freight entails stock rotation and organization of all food and beverage shipments. Must be able to lift 70 lbs. This job starts in the early morn so late risers need not apply!

Contact Tiffany Reynolds at tiffany@redonion1898.com
Start Date – Mid March thru mid October

Tour Guides a.k.a. “Madams”

Yes, we mean it lightly. The Red Onion Madams are the heart of our tour operations and must be able to provide informative and entertaining tours of Skagway and the Red Onion’s historic brothel. Madams will go through extensive training as to be well versed in the history of the Klondike Gold Rush and the Red Onion Saloon. We are looking for vivacious and fun loving ladies to be our modern day “Goodtime Girls”. Acting and singing experience as well as the ability to play a musical instrument are all heartily encouraged and welcomed. But being a madam is not all fun and games (mostly), as you will be required to pour beverages for tour guests and clean up after tours. Madam’s, of course, wear the most ornamented costumes of the staff. Must play well with others!

Please contact Liz Lavoie at liz@redonion1898.com
Start Date – May through September